Who we are

Indian tradition has its own diversity and identity in the whole world. The customs and traditions of Hindu marriage are unique and well known. The matrimony sites are the platform where the youngsters interested in marriage can meet and lock themselves in the relationship of a lifetime. Finding suitable matches online has become the latest trend among people. The online portal is a safe and convenient way to perfect matchmaking.

Shubh Parichay website is operated by ' Chitransh Shadi Group ' Bhopal. This is a platform where the information of people who are to be married is made available to the people of Kayastha Community with the help and support of various Kayastha Groups and organisations through the website and magazine.

For the past few years ShubhParichay Conducts a series of ' Digital conference of introduction ' in the entire Madhya Pradesh which is very significant and helpful to find a perfect match to thousands of families for their posterity.

The objective of our group is to share the data of people who are to be married on a broad level. Also we try to provide the best possible solution for the issues relevant of marriages both pre and post marriage.

The best thing about the matrimonial sites is that it is just a click away to choose from a lot of suitable matches. The suitors can be screened from these websites which have their complete profile with photographs. The profiles have a name, qualification, gender, family background, and partner preferences. Even the horoscope matching facility is provided for your convenience. With free registration, the advantages of the matrimonial websites are endless. The live chat option allows you to chat and interact with interested candidates. The verification of each profile is done before making it public. The personal details are checked and imported from various accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

It has been thought that the whole matchmaking is a fast process. But, how fast it may seem, it is a traditionally slow process. The things don’t work overnight. It is a long waiting game and the proposals you liked can take a longer period for reciprocating. So, the patient approach will definitely take you to your life partner.